Friday, 24 May 2013

Dreaming with a broken heart

I wish I didn't cry when I get angry. I stole that line from the blog of a friend I greatly admire, and it hit me again this morning as my eyes stung from what I felt was a great injustice. Even after checking on my role in the issue I felt justified, like I haven't done anything wrong, yet there I was angry and crying. In hindsight I realise that I've always been an emotional person, prone to spilling tears when overwhelmed by anything. But my failure to explain or describe this has led me to hide my emotionality so that it can't be misunderstood as blackmail (only a guy could see it as that!), or weakness, but as a way of relieving pressure and making room to process and deal with the issue with the emotions out of the way. Most girls know that nothing is as cleansing or empowering as a good cry - over anything! Even if it's a good cry over a hearty laugh. Perhaps we should schedule times when we all just get together and weep then give good hugs and carry on with our lives. Cos sometimes all you need is a cry and a hug.

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